Introducing pycronally

pycronally is the latest library created for those who desire a programmatic interface to Cronally without using our CLI. pycronally provides direct access to the underlying API without having to implement your own interface.

Streamline deployments and integrate Cronally as needed in your existing Python applications. Creating a cron job with pycronally works like this:

import pycronally.api

api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
api_secret = 'YOUR_API_SECRET'

cronjob_cfg = {
	'name': 'my hourly cronjob',
	'cron': '0 * * * *',
	'sns_topic': 'YOUR_SNS_TOPIC',
	'sns_message': 'Hello from pycronally',
	'sns_region': 'YOUR_SNS_REGION',
	'sns_access_key_id': 'YOUR_SNS_ACCESS_KEY_ID',
	'sns_secret_access_key': 'YOUR_SNS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'

response = pycronally.api.AddCronjob(
	api_key, api_secret).set_payload(cronjob_cfg).request()

The source is available on GitHub – check it out!