Build a Load Balanced Docker Registry on AWS

Hosting a private Docker Registry for your container-based application gives you the flexibility to control the storage and accessibility of your Docker images.

While hosting Docker images on 3rd party platforms is recommended for simple deployments, the process of downloading updated images can be time consuming. Removing Internet latency by hosting the images in your own environment can improve download performance dramatically.


Accessing Amazon ECS Environment Variables For Debugging

Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk service supports both single and multi-container Docker environments through Amazon ECS. Despite being in its infancy, Amazon ECS does provide an adequate environment for scaling Docker containers, though debugging those containers can present a challenge.


Cronally vs Periodic Tasks

Amazon recently announced support for periodic tasks in Elastic Beanstalk. This can be an ideal solution for some users who:

  • are already using a worker tier
  • aren’t accessing data on the web server
  • can tolerate inaccuracies in job timing

If you’re not already using a worker tier for your Elastic Beanstalk environment, the costs involved with running a dedicated EC2 instance purely for a handful of scheduled tasks isn’t all that enticing. The other issue this creates has to do with how work is sent to the worker tier instances.